Cloth Diaper Deep Clean - 6 Pack


Cloth Diaper Deep Clean - 6 Pack


Pack of Six 

Cloth Diaper Deep Clean for Funky Diapers

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Removes Diaper Build-up and Stink with natural, safe and eco-conscious ingredients.

Ammonia and detergent build-up in your cloth diapers can lead to rash and overall lack of diaper performance. Diaper stripper is recommended when your diapers have a lingering ammonia smell that does not go away with washing, or you are experiencing a lack of absorption. 

7 out of 8 testers said there was "NO ammonia smell or other odor" still on their cloth diapers after just one use of generationMe diaper stripper.

Happy Customer Reviews:

"I used 2 packs for mine. But I also placed my diapers in the bathtub. Let them soak for awhile. Loaded them in a bucket dumped it in the washer and washed them with another packet. Just in case. Worked great. I'll definitely get more!"


Safe on any type of diaper, including flats, pockets, covers, inserts, cloth wipes, AIO's, micro fibers, hemp and bamboo. 

Use one packet (1.25 oz) per load in Hot water on Wash setting without detergent. Empty packet directly on diapers whether Front Load or Top Load. *Use only on clean, pre-washed diapers.
Rinse until water is free of any soap/suds. Will not create suds the way stripping with Dawn will, so usually only one extra rinse is desired. Dry as usual. 

Front Load, HE and Septic Safe.

Only Natural Ingredients. Not a Bleach.