Cloth Wet Bags

Ten Reasons To Love Your Reusable Cloth Wet Bags

1) Cloth Wet Bags Control Messes.

Let me tell you about how I decided to buy a reusable cloth wet bag. It happened after my hand delved into the diaper bag for blueberry puffs. Instead, I found a week-old diaper. Blech! It’s true that mom-hands handle a lot of messes, but stale, buried diapers don’t have to be among them. Cloth wet bags are lined with durable, waterproof PUL material that contain all manners of mess. Wet bags are more than waterproof: they are apple-juice-proof, poo-proof, and spit-up-proof, too.

2) Cloth Wet Bags Contain Stink.

When a baby’s diaper is full, the French will joke, “The baby has given us a gift!” Keep those stinky gifts wrapped up in a cloth wet bag. The waterproof PUL is covered and sealed to keep the stink inside the bag where it belongs. No more Eau-de-Bébé wafting from your diaper bag like an incense burner from the underworld!

3) Embrace Convenience.

No mother writes the word “convenience” on the “Top Ten Things I Love About Motherhood.” Even a run to the grocery store requires planning that rivals backcountry camping trips. Bottle? Check. Diapers? Check. Wipes? Check. Adding cloth wet bags to your checklist ensures the many messes your baby can—and will—make don’t delay your day. Convenience, containment, and carrying on with the tasks at hand? Check, check, and check!

4) Reduce Your Ecological Footprint.

The harmful ecological impact of disposable baby products is staggering. Consider this: in addition to the 18 billion disposable diapers dumped in landfills each year, billions of wipes, plastic baggies, and other disposable diaper products contribute to waste in our landfills and oceans. According to the Worldwatch Institute, 100 billion plastic grocery bags are thrown away in America each year. These plastic bags will take up to one thousand years to degrade. Yikes!

Changing these statistics begins with each one of us. One simple choice to reduce your ecological impact includes reusable cloth wet bags. Over time, your daily diapering routines with cloth wet bags will replace plastic bags hundreds of times over. The babies of today are the mothers and fathers of tomorrow. Let’s do right by them and their babies, too.

5) Cloth Wet Bags Last A Long Time.

Eco-friendly wet bags shouldn’t last a thousand years like plastic bags. But they should last like a good song—one that doesn’t wear out on repeat! Made of durable PUL lining and designer cotton, generationMe’s cloth wet bags withstand many years of day-to-day stuffing, zipping and washing. The wet bags are hangable, too: large wet bags include a heavy-duty metal grommet, and small sizes include a heavy-duty snap attachment. When you choose a wet bag made of high-quality materials, you save the planet and your wallet alike. And that, also like a good song, is worth a happy dance.

6) Save Yourself Some Hassle.

Diaper bag pockets are super convenient, until something gross spills inside. Fortunately, wet bags spare my diaper bag pockets from harder-to-clean soils, spoils and spills. Reusable cloth wet bags are simple to clean. Simply turn your wet bag inside-out and toss it in with the rest of your laundry. Voila! Diaper bag crisis averted, and you just saved yourself some hassle.

7) Add Some Swag to Your Bag.

Cloth wet bags serve as one exception to the rule, “It’s on the inside that counts.” generationMe offers several great fabric designs to coordinate cloth wet bags with your diaper bag, duffle bag, or purse. Then you can keep the “Ick!” on the inside, and the “Aww!” on the outside. If you plan to gift a wet bag to the mom-to-be in your life, coordinate with a set of  reusable cloth baby wipes.

8) Cloth Wet Bags Support Cloth Diaper Needs On-the-Go.

When your cloth-diapered little one has a volcanic blowout in the shampoo aisle, don’t let it be a disaster. Use a wet bag as part of your on-the-go cloth diaper system. generationMe makes cloth wet bags in both large and small sizes to hold soiled diapers, cloth diaper doublers, and cloth wipes. When wet bags hold cloth diaper supplies, cloth diapering won’t hold you back from daily errands and adventures.

9) Store Pumping Supplies in a Wet Bag.

If you’re a mama who works outside the home, you may be pumping at the office. Therefore, you may not want to endorse your breast pump brand to all of your co-workers. For stylish and discreet breast pump storage, consider a wet bag! With a waterproof lining, your cloth wet bag will hold your supplies—before and after rinsing—from 9 to 5.

10) Be a Baby Product Hackster.

Maybe you’re like me, and you have discovered a few secret non-baby hacks for baby products. For example, baby shampoo cleans makeup brushes really well, and baby powder works great as a dry-shampoo substitute. Let me offer another versatile baby product hack to your collection: cloth wet bags! Wet bags hold many uses beyond care for your little one. For protection during travel, throw your toiletries into a wet bag. Head home from the beach or gym with a wet bag for your swimsuits or workout clothes. If you use cloth menstrual products, keep a wet bag in the bathroom until laundry day.  The same goes for your cloth cleaning supplies, too. Baby product hackster? More like hack-star!